Cleaning And Adjusting Sliding Glass Doors Yourself (DIY)

Posted on September 14, 2009
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One of the issues you will inevitably encounter with sliding glass doors, is a deterioration in the ease of sliding.  There can be various causes of this. However, the main ones have to do with the doors becoming out of square and the build up of debris in the gliding tracks.  Taking care of sliding glass doors and properly maintaining them, will involve cleaning and adjusting them.

One sign that your problem is with the doors being out of square, is if you observe a crack either at the bottom or top of the door when you try to slide the door in either direction. If this is your situation, you can attempt to resolve this by adjusting the rollers. This is a fairly straightforward process. You will need a screwdriver. Usually for sliding glass doors, there is an adjusting screw toward the lower side of the door frame. It is sometimes covered with plastic cap. If it is, remove it and insert the screwdriver into the groove. Turning it one way will raise the door on that side of the frame, and turning it the other way will lower it. When it is adjusted properly, there should be an improvement in the sliding, unless you also have a problem with dirt and debris built up in the sliding track.

To clean the gliding track for your sliding glass doors, you can use something like a paint brush and brush the track off. This will help to get the dirt off. If the track has become grimy due to an oil based lubricant, you can try wiping the track off with mineral spirits. Once you’ve cleaned the track off satisfactorily, you will want to then apply some lubricant to the track. You can use silicone for this.

Cleaning up the gliding track and adjusting the door will solve most sliding problems. In case you still have an issue, you might need to consult with a professional.


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