Using Drapes For Sliding Glass Doors

Posted on December 1, 2010
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If your home has a patio area you most likely access it through a set of sliding glass doors. These glass panels are actually large windows that can be dressed up with a window covering just like any other window in your home. Most people use a type of vertical blind as window treatments for sliding glass doors because it is a quick way to cover the window for privacy. While the blinds are very functional items they are often not as attractive as traditional curtains or drapes. You can use drapes for sliding glass doors that still allow you easy access to your door area when you want to go out.

Some of the drapes can be created as pinch pleat styles so they hang on the same type of hook rod used with vertical blinds for sliding glass doors. This allows you to have the same type of mechanism to pull them to one side for easy access to your door. These drapes are available in the longer length of eighty-four inches and can come as insulated or non-insulated styles. You will find them in fabrics made of cotton, polyester or a blend of the two. They are also available in textured fabrics and some open weave styles.

When creating a decorative area for your sliding doors you can enhance the whole design by using a valance or topper. The best type of topper for this door is the large box style that completely surrounds the front and sides of your area. This can be custom designed to match the color and fabric used for your window drapes. The drapes for your doors can also be custom made in any type of fabric, color or pattern you want to use. With the easy to operate draperies for sliding door units you don’t have to sacrifice indoor appearance for outdoor access.


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