Sliding Glass Doors -Replacement Window Brands

Posted on October 6, 2010
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If you are looking to get or replace sliding glass doors, you should investigate the various brands to find what is most suitable for you. There will be a number of factors which will come into play, that will help determine the selection you make. For eg. price is usually a major factor for most people. There are also the styles and designs that each brand might have, where some might be more aesthetically appealing, and others might be more practical.

Here are a few of the popular brands among the many on the market:

These are generally regarded to be very good manufacturers. Pella replacement windows tend to be on the more expensive side. However, it is sometimes hard to make a one to one comparison among the different kinds. For example, the particular sliding glass door sets you might be comparing from say Pella and Marvin, may match in size dimensions, but may vary in the type of glazing used (one might be triple paned, the other double paned), the material used for the frame, the design etc. So be sure to examine carefully what you would be getting with each, to see if the more expensive option is more reasonable.

Marvin and Loewen replacement windows might be cheaper than Pella, but still tend to be more expensive than other available brands. Nevertheless, these brands really do appear to be superior, so the price is probably justified. Loewen comes with Doug Fir standard. Marvin can be upgraded with Fir.

Pella’s sliding glass door is designed differently from the other brands mentioned here. For eg. Pella has the tracks on the exterior. While this makes Pella different from other brands, some argue that this reflects a flawed engineering design. There have been complaints of water getting into the rails which will cause them to rot in a few years. Considering the cost of these windows, one would expect freedom from these alleged flaws. But do not allow such negative feedback to deter you from keeping the Pella option open. You must investigate yourself.

Once you have decided on the measurements for the sliding glass doors you require, then you can check out the manufacturers’ websites to see how they compare with each other. Depending on what information you need, you may have to call the companies to get the pertinent answers.


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