Some Considerations when Buying Sliding Glass Doors

Posted on September 14, 2009
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These days if you were to go shopping for sliding glass doors, you can easily become overwhelmed by the options you have. However, by taking into consideration certain points, it can help you hone into what you need.

I would suggest you go over the basic concerns one usually has in getting sliding glass doors. As you shop, see that each of your concerns are addressed.

So, if you are concerned with the glass shattering, then you might want to get double pane glass. If you’re concerned with insulation, then explore low-e glazed glass. If you have pets to consider, then ask the sales-person about getting patio panel dog doors for sliding glass doors. Basically, educate yourself on what you should be concerned with, and shop with the aim to alleviate them.

Aside from what was covered in the entry about alleviating your concerns, there are a couple other factors that should have your attention as you do your shopping.

One is the frame. What kind of frame should you get? This would depend on how much money you can afford to spend, and also probably whether you live in a part of the world which experiences winter, or very cold weather. If you have the money to spend, you might consider gettng a solid wood frame. If not, you have the option of getting an aluminum frame that has a wood covering. This is called a wood clad frame. It gives the look and feel of the true wood frame, but is much cheaper. In case you have cold weather to consider, then you might want to get what is called a thermobrake aluminum frame. This will prevent the formation of frost on the interior of the aluminum panel.

The second factor is the type of lock to get. Sliding glass doors usually come with a single point lock. This is some kind of latch that hooks into the door frame. However there is a security risk with this. For what a lot of people do not realise, is that even when the doors are locked with this mechanism, it is possible to actually lift the doors themselves out of the frame. Therefore, for better security, try to get a double point lock which hooks into both the top and bottom of the door frame. Depending on the kind of lock you get, it may need some occasional maintenance (see Maintaining the sliding glass door lock).

Hopefully addressing these considerations will make your shopping experience an easier and better one.


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