Replacing Sliding Glass Doors

If you are looking to replace your sliding glass doors, you might want to first verify that your reasons warrant such action.  It could be, depending on your reason(s), that you do not actually have to replace the whole unit, but could possibly get replacement parts. Reasons For Replacing Sliding Glass Doors Some reasons you […]

Replacing Weather Stripping in Sliding Glass Doors

Your weather stripping for your sliding glass doors will eventually become torn or worn out. When this happens you should seek to replace the stripping. This is important because the weather stripping helps with the insulation, and could cause your heating or cooling system to waste energy and become inefficient.  The following video gives instructions […]

Cleaning And Adjusting Sliding Glass Doors Yourself (DIY)

One of the issues you will inevitably encounter with sliding glass doors, is a deterioration in the ease of sliding.  There can be various causes of this. However, the main ones have to do with the doors becoming out of square and the build up of debris in the gliding tracks.  Taking care of sliding […]