Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors

Posted on November 28, 2010
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There are a lot of useful products designed to be used for pets. Among these items, you will find the little doors you install inside a larger door to create a way for your pet to enter or leave the home. Until recently, these small doorways were limited to being installed on regular wood or metal doors, but there is a new design that allows them to be placed on glass doors as well. The dog doors for sliding glass patio doors are created as long panels with the top section made of glass and the bottom having the little pet door.

The construction of these new glass panel designs has a frame going around the entire piece to create a form fitting seal that will keep cold air out. They are created to fit into the track that runs along the top and bottom of your doorway area. These items are available in assorted sizes to fit the size of your particular patio door area. They come in styles using a single or double pane of glass to create a more energy efficient window. The design from Hale uses a double glass pane and has a double doggy door to create a more energy efficient item for your home.

Most of these new door products use an upvc material in creating the outer frame section. This material helps create a better fit to seal your door and is available in a few select colors to match your home’s exterior. In addition to the whole panels available in different sizes, the pet door is also made in different sizes to accommodate large, medium or small pets. If you have a home with a sliding door that opens onto a deck or porch you would like your pet to have access to, installing the new sliding panel will let them.


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